DIY solder stencils (lasercut)

I made my first solder stencil – it worked great! Here you can see a tiny stencil in an MDF frame – no points for guessing what this board does 😅 Making a stencil is really fast – it only takes a few minutes and you can make it while you wait for your board […]

Design Walkthrough: Tractive System Active light (TSAL) driver – FSAE

Design-walkthroughs are great. You get to peek over somebody’s shoulder as they design their project and soak up all kinds of vicarious experience. I didn’t learn practical electronics at university – I learned practical electronics on YouTube and forums. Now it’s time to add my own walkthrough into the pool! This time around, we’ll be […]

A plug ‘n play Precharger – FSAE Electric

A smart precharge module that saves the day – requires minimal configuration Download the design files and source code. This precharge module measures the accumulator and Tractive System voltages to ensure adequate precharge (eg. 95%) before closing the Accumulator Isolation Relays. This behaviour is irrespective of accumulator voltage and state-of-charge – The downstream voltage should […]

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